My name is Kristian Balkin and I live in Portsmouth.

I’m a Fulham fan and make the 150-mile round trip to Craven Cottage on a regular basis. I also follow football locally at a grass roots level.

One thought on “About

  1. Kristian,

    I came across your blog while surfing through WordPress.com and I really enjoyed what you have to offer.

    I help run a sports blog that has recently moved off WordPress.com to become self-hosted on WordPress.org. We’re called The Farm Club (thefarmclub.net). We work as a collective of young, aspiring sports writers and enthusiasts that have come together to reach our goal of giving a spotlight to new writers and passionate fans. We’re looking for bloggers that have superior knowledge of certain sports and above all, have a love for their favorite team.

    In the effort of finding a localized voice for certain teams, I’ve come across your site where I can see you are an avid fan of Fulham FC and English football in general. I’d love to have you as a contributing author on our site.

    Give it a thought and get back with me at mgazdik@thefarmclub.net.

    I appreciate your time and happy blogging!


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